Just some thoughts while watching Avatar

What’s the climate on Pandora? 

I mean, the vegetation looks pretty lush, so I have to assume it’s some sort of tropic atmospheric character. 

So, why isn’t that a big deal in the movie?  How come nobody’s sweating profusely?  How is temperature acclimation not a part of Neytiri’s Na’vi teaching?  How come the Sky People aren’t complaining about how hot it is?  How come when the Sky People don’t have terrible trouble with those gas masks?  Wouldn’t they be constantly fogging over the inside from sweating and radiating heat?  Do they spit inside their masks like goggles in a swimming pool?

Seems like a bit of an oversight, Jim. 

I don’t want to say it cost you the Oscar, but I highly doubt the Academy wasn’t pondering these same thoughts…

Best Part?  When Jake Sully wins back the entire tribe, despite crossing them all and costing them their land and culture, solely by brain fucking the biggest dragon.